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FREE and Copyright-Free Images

By Karen on November 21, 2012
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When you’re looking for images for a blog post or website, be sure the ones you pull from the web are copyright-free. Here are some good sources for FREE and copy-right free images:

Google Advanced Search Images:
1. Type “Google Advanced Search Images” into Google search.
2. Choose “Google Advanced Search Images” (or click
3. Type the subject you’re looking for in the “All these words” field.
4. Choose “Free to use and share” in “usage rights” at the bottom.

Free Digial Photos
Even though most of the free images on this site have a pretty low resolution, I’ve had really good luck finding simple images for blog posts. And, they even have some great photos.

Another good source: Labnol

For more great resources, check out this blog post:

We’d love to hear your suggestions. Comment below and let us know if you have additional free image resources.