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Are you looking for a web development company? We partner with lots of designers and design agencies to create websites that wow clients!

  • We work with graphic designers
  • We can write the project requirements and go to any meetings required.
  • The site will go in your portfolio not ours.

Partner with Studio 88
We love partnering with individual designers and agencies who take care of the branding and graphic design and then hand over the project to us to bring to fruition and help make the project a success. And we’ll educate along the way to make you look great to your clients.
We value long term relationships and always meet deadlines and deliver products that exceed your expectations and adhere to your budget. Some of the best designers have turned to Studio 88 for quality work at a fair price. We consult with you along the way and make sure the design looks 100% accurate before you show your client; we pride ourselves on making our sites identical to the design.

We love custom development and e-commerce projects. We’ll be behind the scenes while you take care of the client or we can work directly with your client. We’re happy to bill the client directly or we can send you invoices. And we work out payment schedules that give you plenty of time to collect before sending us a final payment.

Call Studio 88 now for a free consultation at 828.412.1374 or fill out our contact form.