seo. grow.

Building a website can be like putting a billboard in your basement. It looks great, but no one can see it. That’s why Search Engine Optimization or SEO is so important. SEO determines where your business comes up in a Google search, and whether people in search of your services will be able to find you.

With Studio 88, we don’t leave this to chance. We customize an SEO plan that incorporates:

  • Google Analytics
  • Keywords your customers actually use
  • Organic and paid strategies that improve your search rankings

We also specialize in local SEO. This means optimizing your online presence for potential customers who are close by and looking for you now. Studio 88 local SEO includes:

  • “Localizing” your website for maximum traffic
  • An online audit of your business listings – Yelp, Google, Amazon Alexa, Facebook and Yahoo
  • Strategies for reputation management

Studio 88 takes the billboard out of the basement and gets your website out there for all to see. Attract, connect, and grow with Studio 88. Contact us.