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How to Upload a Video to YouTube

By Karen on July 5, 2018
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Here are simple instructions for uploading videos from your computer or from Google Drive.

To upload videos from your computer

    1. First, login to your YouTube account.
    2. Click the “Upload Video” on the top right of the page:
      YouTube Upload Videos icon
    3. If you want your video shared so anyone can access it, choose “Public” from the drop down list:
      YouTube Select files to Upload arrow
    4. Click the arrow icon above the “Public” drop down (the white arrow in the gray box on icon above).
    5. Choose your video from your computer and follow the prompts to upload the video.

To upload videos from your Google Drive

    1. Click the “Import” button on the right:
      YouTube Import videos from Google Drive button
    2. If you have videos on your Drive, I believe it will find them automatically and the videos will show up on the pop up after you click Import.
      YouTube all video pop up screen from Import from Google Drive
    3. Choose the video(s) you want to upload and follow the prompts.

Adding title and descriptions for SEO
Once your video(s) are upload, add a title and description using your keyword one time in both the title and description (it’s ideal to do keyword research before creating videos to see what people are actually looking for) but use them as best you can.

    1. Once the video is uploaded, it should open to a screen with an image of the video:
      YouTube screen to add title and description
    2. Fill in your title and description fields focusing on one KW if you can.