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Studio 88 Selected to Do Web Development for MSNBC Your Business

By on September 9, 2011

Studio 88 founder part of MSNBC "Your Business" makeover

Studio 88 was recently selected to do the web development for an MSNBC Your Business makeover. The show features a team of experts chosen to makeover and revive a local playground company, Asheville Playgrounds.

Karen Mazza, founder of Studio 88, developed the completely new site with The S3 Agency, the company who designed the website. You can see the new website here.

Karen said of her experience, “it was a lot of fun to be a part of the team who helped revive this struggling business. I’m looking forward to watching them succeed.” Karen worked closely with The S3 Agency, an advertising, public relations and social media firm in New Jersey who created the “Asheville Playgrounds” identity and printed materials and designed the website. Karen described her role, “it’s similar to when someone builds a house; they hire an architect to draw up the plans and a construction company to build the house; S3 Agency was like the architect and Studio 88 was like the construction company. They drew up the plans, sent them to us and we built the actual website”.

Karen explained, “You have about 4 seconds to capture the attention of a website visitor to get them to take action and learn more about your company. The new site captures the visitor through a great look and feel, easy navigation (design and coding), and clear calls to action.” Karen recommends next steps for Asheville Playgrounds, “search engine optimization (SEO) to start getting targeted traffic and conversions and social media to get their message and product out there.” She continued “Studio 88 has had clients in similar situations — their sites were outdated or too confusing — and their business increased after we did a redesign and SEO.”

Evelyn Anderson, owner of Asheville Playgrounds spoke of her experience, “With good humor and hard work (and a broken arm!), Karen met the deadlines and got the job done under significant time pressures.”

To see the complete segment and learn more about the company who received the makeover, just click here.

About Karen Mazza
As founder of Studio 88, Karen is a WordPress consultant, web developer and digital strategist who has been working in the design and development trenches since 2001. She specializes in website strategy for small to medium-size businesses and works with jewelry stores, treatment centers, bloggers, custom home builders, corporations, creative agencies, and entrepreneurs alike. Today she leads all design projects, and specializes in consulting and website strategy for small to medium-size businesses. She has a penchant for code, animals, holistic health, hiking, board games, adventures, and raspberries.