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Google Boost

By on February 3, 2017

Google has made many changes to their free optimization tools, and we’ve noticed that many website owners are either not using these essential products or have not updated or optimized them in quite some time. So, we created Google-Boost to help your website perform and be seen by your ideal clients.

If you already have Google tools set up, or if you are unsure, then check out Google-Audit below. Don’t guess – KNOW if your website is set up to perform.

It’s important to take stock quarterly or at least yearly to see if your website is performing for you. Some questions to ask: Is your website optimized for visibility on Google? Have you created and optimized your Google local listing? Are you getting Google reviews? Have you set up the free tools to help you with marketing analysis (Analytics and Webmaster Tools)?

This package will help you boost your Google ranking and manage your online presence. A must to meet Google’s baseline recommendations.

Google-Boost is a 10-point optimization package designed to maximize your website’s Google visibility.

  1. Set up / optimize Google Webmaster Tools
  2. Set up / optimize Google +
  3. Set up / optimize Google My Business
  4. Set up Google Reviews vanity link
  5. Set up Google Analytics
  6. Create robots.txt
  7. Create sitemap.xml
  8. Site performance/speed audit report
  9. Redirect audit report if applicable
  10. Google index confirmation

If you are unsure if you need Google-Boost, we offer a Google-Audit to assess website setup. (100% applied to Google-Boost if changes are needed).

Google Boost $299:

Google Audit $99 ((100% applied to Google-Boost if changes are needed):

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